Get to sleep faster & get longer REM Cycles

Say goodbye to nighttime stress & anxiety

Delta 8 gummies

Anxiety & panic at bed time sucks.

So let’s do something about it.


Delta 8 to the rescue

Delta 8 has been show to decrease stress levels & help you fall asleep faster. People who use it regularly report feelings of bliss rather than anxiety at bed time.

Mild Psych Effects

Instead of a full blown “high,” Delta 8 offers a subtle, peaceful feeling that calms your mind and eases your stress when it’s time to get some sleep.

“I used to have panic attacks from repetitive thoughts as I was trying to sleep, and it was a truly desperate feeling. I finally gave Delta 8 Gummies from Zephyr Health Products a try and they worked better than I could have hoped for. I started falling asleep faster and waking up calm & refreshed so it even made my days better & more productive.

-James G.

Full Spectrum Delta 8 Gummies

Formulated from organic hemp to help you get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer & improve your REM cycles.

Hear what others have to say…

Delta 8 Success Stories

The relief is real! I used to dread bed time because I was just ruminate on things I was worried about and I would get this sinking feeling in my stomach and it would keep me up. Delta 8 changed all that quickly! So grateful.
MARY D. MORENO​designer
Delta 8 Gummies have been a miracle for me. I have GAD so I struggle with anxiety all day long and it’s amplified at night. But taking Delta 8 Gummies made night time much, much easier!
saanvi rumswari
saanvi rumswariWork at home mom
Delta 8 has become my best friend, no joke. I won’t sleep without it. It just makes me feel so peaceful & content and I feel significantly more rested in the mornings.
Christina Baker
Christina Bakermanager
Thank you, Zephyr Health Products, for brining this amazing product into my life and saving me hours and hours of tossing and turning. I sleep like a baby when I take my Delta 8 Gummies.
Kelli Lambert
Kelli Lambertchoreographer

It’s Your Turn to make bed time a good time.