Fast-acting, Water-soluble, Stronger effects, Supreme versatility





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Full Spectrum Nano-Emulsified CBD

Full of beneficial terpenes for maximum relief & effectiveness.

Broad Spectrum Nano-Emulsified CBD

Super-fast-acting broad spectrum CBD with low THC but all the benefits.

Nano-Emulsified CBD Isolate

Beneficial nano-emulsified CBD that is 100% THC-free.

Advanced Nano Tech
Nano CBD is a world of difference.

Nano-emulsified CBD improves upon all of the weaknesses of traditional CBD oil. Ie: Slow onset, inability to mix with other liquids, weak or unnoticeable effects, etc.

100% Organic Hemp

All of our hemp is 100% organic & sourced from Colorado, USA.

Made in the USA

Our hemp is grown in Colorado and nano-emulsified & bottled in New Jersey.

3rd party lab tested

All products are tested by 3rd party labs & guaranteed to be safe.

CBD for a Happier, Healthier Life.

CBD has been shown to improve many aspects of life; from mood to muscle recovery.

Improved Mood & Motivation

CBD helps regulate mood & enhance motivation by influencing neurotransmitter activity.

Muscle Recovery

CBD helps you recover faster & push further so you have more beneficial workouts & less soreness afterwards.

Better Sleep

CBD & Delta 8 can help you get higher quality sleep for longer periods & can ease anxiety when trying to fall asleep.

Nano-Emulsified CBD
superior in every way

Nano-emulsified CBD represents a revolutionary leap in the science of CBD absorption, offering a more bioavailable and efficient delivery system compared to traditional CBD oils. By shrinking the CBD molecules and encapsulating them in microscopic droplets, nano-emulsification allows for enhanced solubility and absorption, enabling the CBD to bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream more rapidly. This results in a faster onset of effects and increased potency, allowing users to experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD more effectively, which is particularly advantageous for conditions requiring prompt relief such as inflammation, anxiety, and pain.

Zephyr Health Products stands out as one of the few authentic purveyors of nano-emulsified CBD products, staunchly committed to delivering quality and authenticity in a market inundated with imprecise labeling. While numerous brands arbitrarily affix the term “nano” to their products, Zephyr ensures that its customers receive genuine nano-emulsified CBD, meticulously crafted to offer optimal bioavailability and efficacy. This dedication to integrity and quality assures customers that they are purchasing products that truly harness the enhanced absorptive properties and therapeutic potentials of nano-emulsified CBD, making Zephyr a reliable choice for those seeking superior CBD products.

The benefits and strengths of nano-emulsified CBD over traditional CBD oil are significant. Beyond its heightened bioavailability, it provides a more precise dosing, allowing users to maximize the therapeutic benefits while minimizing the risk of taking excessive amounts. It is also versatile and can be integrated into various products without compromising quality or efficacy, making it a popular choice for those seeking innovative CBD solutions. Consequently, nano-emulsified CBD, especially when sourced from reputable companies like Zephyr Health Products, offers a promising alternative for individuals looking to optimize the therapeutic outcomes of CBD usage.

Nano-Emulsified CBD vs. Traditional CBD Oil
  • More Nano CBD is absorbed by the body (Up to 40% more)
  • Less Nano CBD is required for relief (250% more effective)
  • Much faster onset of effects & relief (Up to 500% faster)
  • Lasts longer than traditional CBD oil (About 20% longer)
  • More neutral taste than oil
Comparison charge of nano CBD vs. traditional CBD oil