Our mission is to provide the best quality products at a fair price. Our goal is to make products that help people and pets do more and feel better.

There was a time when I really thought I would have to give up gardening due to muscle aches and joint pain.

Thanks to Zephyr Health Products CBD I’m back in my garden again.



I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and working out.  I recently had back surgery and experienced recovery issues.

Zephyr health CBD helped me not only get back into my routine, but push past where I was before.



Thanks to Zephyr Health Products CBD I’m able to continue to have an active lifestyle at 80 years old.

It makes me a lot more limber, enables me to play golf, tennis, volleyball and gives me a good night’s rest.



Before findings our first CBD, we had a lot of behavioral problems with Addison.  We started giving her Zephyr CBD, it was really easy, we just put a drop in her water.

The results have been amazing. She’s so much more at ease which puts us at ease.


PET Customer