How Nano-Emulsification Improved Hemp-Based Products

In short, nano-emulsified hemp-based products are more easily and more quickly absorbed so the effects are faster and stronger. How has nano-emulsification improved CBD?

Let’s dig in.

Nano-Emulsified CBD provides a host of benefits that traditional oil-based CBD cannot provide.  When ingesting oil-based CBD the product must go through the digestive process which will remove lipids as waste.  Therefore, a significant portion of the CBD never reaches the bloodstream and offers no therapeutic benefit to the user.  Studies have shown that over 50% of the oil-based CBD products are removed as part of the natural digestive process.  For example: if you ingest a 20mg dose of oil-based CBD you will only get the therapeutic benefit of 10mg or less requiring you to either increase the dose or increase the frequency of dosing to achieve the desired effects.  Oil formulations are much better suited for topical applications for localized pain and soreness issues.   But, how has nano-emulsification improved hemp-based products?

The Small Particle Range Means More CBD Reaches the Bloodstream

By comparison, a nano-emulsified formulation that has a small particle range ensures that more than 70% of the CBD will reach the bloodstream to provide therapeutic benefits.  Because the CBD has been emulsified it is now water compatible and readily absorbs upon contact or ingestion.  Furthermore, sublingual application (under the tongue) ensures the quickest absorption as this area has the largest concentration of capillaries available to take the CBD into the bloodstream.  Only direct intravenous application is faster.  By using a nano-emulsified formulation, the user gets a faster onset of action and smaller doses are extremely therapeutic.

Water Compatibility

Another strength of nano-emulsified CBD is that it’s water compatible, meaning it will dissolve in any water-based liquid. That also means that the CBD will dissolve in the user’s hydrophilic system. Not only is nano-emulsified CBD water compatible, but it also has an extremely small particle range (below 30nm) so it will dissolve very quickly in the body. Some CBD (like Zephyr Health Products) is far superior to others due to the fact that some particle ranges are upwards of 5,000nm, while higher quality ones are only 25nm.

Zephyr Health Products CBD is water compatible

So how is nano-emulsification done?

The higher the quality of the stabilizer, plus the ultrasonic process used determines the particle size outcome and the ability to remain small (stabilized) are key outcomes desired when trying to achieve nano-emulsification.  Zephyr Health Products uses the industry’s best known stabilizer and an ultrasonic processing system that is proven to achieve a majority particle range under 50nm after the processing cycle is completed.  We perform our emulsification in small batches to ensure a high level of quality control is maintained throughout the process.   Our process results in a product that is fully water compatible and will absorb instantly delivering therapeutic benefits of pain relief, reduction in soreness, anxiety reduction and an overall increase in well-being. 

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