As time goes on, more and more benefits of CBD make themselves apparent. It’s well known that CBD, with or without THC, can help with anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, PTSD, seasonal affective disorder and so on. But are there other benefits to using CBD regularly?

The answer is a resounding YES! With prolonged use, CBD has proven to be very effective in helping to treat or prevent several disorders when used alongisde traditional treatments.

Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy (Seizures)

Epileptics have found seizure relief through the use of CBD when mainstream treatments have fallen short. Particularly, treatment-resistant epilepsy. Almost half of the treatment-resitent patients in studies have experience significant improvements in both the rate and severity of seizures when they began a CBD regimen alongside their existing pharmacological drugs. In fact, the European Medical Agency (EMA) has approved medication called Epidyolex, which is CBD-based, as a supplemental treatment for patients that have had less success with typical drugs and treatments. It has also been effective and safe for children and seniors. So, it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world follows suit, because the efficacy of CBD treatments in epileptics is clear and quantifiable.

Neurodigenerative Diseases

There is some evidence that regular and prolonged use of CBD can reduce the risk of developing neurodigenerative disorders like Parkinson’s Disease. It may also benefit patients that have already developed more serious disorders by slowing their progression, indicating that CBD does have some brain and nervous system protective properties. Not to mention, CBD has shown to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with serious neurological disorders. Its properties seem to enhance cellular energy production and, if it does, it means that CBD can help in many more ways than we’re yet aware of.

Autoimmune Disorders (Including MS)

Autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclorosis (MS) are, sadly, becoming more and more common. Fortunately, CBD has been shown to be effective in combating the progression of the disease as well as some of its symptoms. This means that the spasticity associated with MS may decrease with regular use of CBD. Here again, the European Medical Agency (EMA) has approved a CBD-based treatment called Sativex to help manage not just the spasticity but most symptoms associated with MS.

Acne & Skin Breakouts

The endocannibnoid system is present throughout the epidermis and CBD interacts with and regulates that system. Scientists believe that this is a major part of the reason CBD has shown to help treat and reduce acne. But it’s not the only reason – CBD also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can assistant in both the treatment and the appearance of breakouts. Moreover, CBD is is anti-sebum. Sebum is the sticky, oily substance produced naturally by the skin to keep itself moisturized. It is also a primary culprit in the cause of acne. So CBD can benefit the skin in several ways, including keeping it clean and minimizing the effects of acne.

CBD & the Future

It’s a safe bet that more and more benefits of CBD will be uncovered as scientists and researchers continue to work with it. There aren’t many substances with so many beneficial properties. CBD is an effective treatment aid for so many divergent ailments that aren’t considered related, so this miracle chemical is here to stay.

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